sweets rococo & café – great place for taking mouthwatering food photos

im absolutely a crazy fan of PANCAKES! especially for those THICK and FLUFFY ones! rococo’s beautifully presented pancakes and colourful mini roll cakes totally caught my eye, so i decided to pay a visit to this new japanese cafe after lunch with my friend.

it wasn’t a pleasant start when i was told that ALL mini roll cakes were SOLD OUT! i was like ‘WHAT THE HECK?! it’s just 14:30 and all the ten flavours were not available already?’ i was sooo upset and annoyed.  so finally the two of us ordered two pancakes.

berry berry pancake. two thick pieces of japanese style pancake topped with mixed berries, whipped cream and berry sauce. OH MYYY! how alluring it was! pancakes were fluffy, soft, moist and eggy. were hot when served, but were quickly cooled down by the chilled sauce, and thus becoming LESS appetising. the only thing i LOVE about this was the SAUCE! it was pretty good, not much artificial berry flavor (if you know what I mean), and luckily, more on the sour refreshing side instead of the sickenly sweet side. wish it could come with a scoop of ice cream rather a dollop of whipping cream.

photo 2-3

chocolate banana caramel nuts pancake. AHA! looks divine! but again, for $118 HKD per dish, i was looking for a EVEN BETTER QUALITY of pancakes. i can’t say they were bad, but totally NOT WORTH charging such price.

i actually love their environment a lot. so comfy, spacious, comfortable and princessy, definitely a great spot for afternoon CHATS, but not sure if it’s a good place for afternoon tea after all.

Sweets Rococo & Café:

Shop no. 7, Upper Floor, G/F, Sino Plaza, 225-227 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

+852 2805 8622


via tokyo – my kind of heaven!


i’m so obsessed with japanese soft serve these days. and THANK God, there’s this most popular and coolest cafe, locating in the heart of this city, serving authentic japanese frozen treat!

via tokyo specialises in matcha and milk soft serve, with a variety of traditional japanese toppings to go along with. my favourite ones are usually okome (which is basically a japanese version of rice krispie), azuki (red bean paste) and shiratama (chewy glutinous rice ball like mochi)!


matcha azuki parfait. milk soft serve at the bottom layer, followed by a generous amount of azuki bean paste, then finished off with macha soft serve and pieces mochi.


matcha affogato from the hidden menu! when LUKEWARM matcha latte met the COLD CREAMY FUDGY matcha soft serve! gawd! this was heavenly scrumptious! i just LOVE how dense, rich and intense the matcha flavour was! matchaholics! you surely cant ever miss this, can you?


love the mix flavour as well!!


if you are not a fan of matcha, go and try out their milk soft serve! you will be surprised at how LIGHT but full-flavoured this is!



besides having soft serve, you can always grab a cup of latte with perfect and CUTE latte art! this can totally make your day! see how cute this pom pom purin and totoro latte art were?!


and the long-awaited HOUJICHA soft serve will be officially launching SOON! the rich and robust houjicha taste, the seductively smooth and firm texture, the distinct aromatic roasted fragrance of this soft serve caught me completely off guard! each lick was simply amazing!! stay tuned for further updates!!

Via Tokyo:

Shop no. 1A-1B, G/F, Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

+852 2895 1116