what to Eaaat?

via tokyo – my kind of heaven!

sweets rococo & café – great place for taking mouthwatering food photos

sinmei tea – green tea paradise

stockton – the secret cocktail paradise!

sevva – wanna be the supremely classy high society?

sevva – let them eat cake!


2 thoughts on “what to Eaaat?

  1. Hello

    I like yr food pics on instagram
    Im going to hkg next week could you please be kind to recommend me a must hv food/ cake/ bakery in hkg? And what is a good resto casual n fine dining that i must try? Cake, bakery, pattisier, dessert i do also want to try

    Ill b in hkg around 4-5nites

    Thank u so much

    • heeey jeanne! sorry for the late reply. hmmmm a few of my top recommendations would be: via tokyo (japanese soft serve), fish and meat (western food), cafe deadend, shing heung yuen (local food).. hope this helps(:

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