sevva – let them eat cake!

continuing the sweet and classy journey at sevva!

berries of the woods, rose petal coulis on vanilla bean panna cotta. ($130 hkd) wasn’t as pretty as what i’d imagined… thought there should be a few pieces of pinkish red rose petals? love those fat fresh berries! and see those teeeeny tiny vanilla beans scattering all over the place?! love the strong natural vanilla aroma! (those artificial ones really displease me a lot!) texture-wise, hmmm its incredibly smooth BUT, i thought panna cotta should be more pudding-like instead of liquid-like?


symphony choc bowl of fresh fruits & pear bavarois. ($125 hkd) WHOOOOAA! was totally fascinated by its amazing presentation! not an outstanding dessert, but I guess it can’t go any wrong with fresh berries, chocolate and cream, can it?

milk tea ice-cream with caramel crunch & ginger bread. ($130 hkd) i’m always a GREAT fan of milk tea! and this SURELY didn’t disappoint me! that rich and lingering flavor of milk tea… AHHHH! this was heavenly! each spoonful was SOOO satisfying!! their homemade caramel toffee crunch and ginger bread were nice as well! but didn’t really match with the ice-cream…

and here comes THE ROYAALS! *screaming* the MOST stunning and fanciful cakes ever! tell me how can i NOT love you at first sight!!


marie-antoinette’s crave. ($450 hkd) colourful macarons attaching to pistachio chiffon with cream and raspberries, adorned with hundreds of pretty sugar dragees and crowned with PINK COTTON CANDY *yaaay*! cake was SOOO soft and fluffy! and cream was pretty light and fresh!


le louis. ($450 hkd) chocolate chiffon with whipped french cream and blackberries, decorated with marshmallow and sugar dragees and crowned with BABY BLUE COTTON CANDY! sadly and truly, sometimes looking good doesn’t mean you will have a pretty soul… (if you know what i mean! and this applies to BOTH beautiful cakes. but trust me, it wasn’t really THAT bad anyway.)

this swanky posh comfy place, will always be one of my all time favourite spot for chillaxing!


25th Floor, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central

+852 2537 1388


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