sevva – wanna be the supremely classy high society?

if people ask me where’s my most favourite and frequent place i go for afternoon tea in town, i would definitely say THIS PLACE! i’m totally IN LOVE with this rooftop bar, serving extravagant delicacy, providing a range of drinks, having an impeccable and stunning view, overlooking the heart of central and the victoria harbour. so comfy, so chic, so elegant, so posh…


signature tea set. ($680 hkd for 2) i’m probably sure this is the MOST expensive tea set in hong kong. so what’s the craze for this? the toasted crumpet with smoked salmon & chive cream cheese, crab meat burger and short rib burger were my favourite ones among the savory choices. as for the sweet tier, the carrot cake TOTALLY stood out! cake was so moist and went well with the velvety cream cheese on top! then, was it WORTH the price? hmmm overall the food quality was above average and the service was satisfactory and of course, EXCELLENT ambiance. what MORE can I ask for?

besides their tea set, sevva offers an incredibly scrummy selection of cakes served by ms. b’s.


ginger cheese cake. ($140 hkd) crumbled into pieces when i forked in it… whoooops! shouldn’t cheese cake be smooth and creamy? flavor-wise, it was ALRIGHT, with a hint of ginger taste.


chocolate fudge cake with marmalade. ($140 hkd) the cake was a bit dry, plus i’ve never like the combination of chocolate with orange…


the original crunch cake. ($135 hkd) soft fluffy vanilla chiffon sponge cake with ridiculously light and pillowy fresh cream and pieces of house-special homemade caramel toffee crunch! BEEEEST crunch cake ever in town!


lemon meringue. ($135 hkd) AHHHH! another must order item again! love the layers of crunchy lemon meringue in between layers of fresh cream! how can i ever resist this! i’m a sucker for anything in lemon… this was DIVINE! #FTW

more temptations from sevva coming up in my next post!


25th Floor, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central

+852 2537 1388


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