sinmei tea – green tea paradise

i can live without everything… EXCEPT… green tea! you are like a drug to me. i’m totally addicted to you and simply can’t get enough of you. (that was clearly a total lie, i can’t live without my everything!) so here comes another hearty and warm cafe which is popular for their green tea desserts and green tea drinks!

matcha soul. incorporating green tea and soymilk, plus raisins and finally, decorated with osmanthus, almond flakes and honey. a warm and soothing drink. just the RIGHT drink to console my soul. not bad! but could be better if the matcha flavour was stronger!

green hot chocolate. with a pretty heart. a nice touch man! had totally made my day!

green tea loaf cake. it’s great that they warmed it up before serving. SOOO moist and soft with the delicate, mellow flavour of green tea.

green tea cheesecake. it came in a TEENY TINY piece which couldn’t really satisfy my green tea and cheesecake cravings! I coulda finished the thing in ONE WHOLE GULP. the meringue on top was so light and foamy. and the cheesecake was in a rich and firm but smooth and creamy texture. oh my! can you imagine it melting slowly on your tongue? the velvety cheesy flavour and the delicate matcha taste with a hint of bitterness LINGERED ON every single taste bud of mine! oh my and they actually balanced each other SO well that none of them dominated another. that buttery base at the bottom gave the cheesecake some texture although it could be a bit more crumbly.

green tea angel cake. TADAAAH! one of my all time favourites! see that moist fluffy ultra spongy green tea cake topped with GENEROUS amount of green tea icing! GAWD it’s as soft as your butter-like lips, as fluffy as those pastel sugar clouds. always one of my must-order items!

green tea lava cake. their signature PRICY treat! baked to perfecto, and the moment when you dug your fork or knife or whatever into it, the thick green paste OOOOZED out in a beautiful and seductive manner. oh man! flavour-wise, i’ve to say it looked more alluring than it tasted. the white chocolate was way too sweet and thus covered the green tea flavour. was a bit upset about this actually.

houjicha lava cake. better than the green tea one since the strong roasted aroma of houjicha was more significant.

SIZZLING green tea brownie. WOAAAH! topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, served with green tea sauce and garnished with sprinkles of macadamia nuts, what more can I ask for? a little bit crumbly on the outside with a chewy dense fudgy moist centre! love the adding of nuts to give a different contrasting texture to the brownie! it’s just WAY TOO GOOOOOD! was craving for this ever since then.

meow! and theres this cutest pal ever – mithu, companying you during your time at sinmei tea!

everything green tea! #FTW

Sinmei Tea:

5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan

+852 3690 8238


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